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I have been blessed to work with many talented authors as well as narrators. Want to see what I’m working on now or is awaiting release? Perhaps you want to see what other novels I have narrated? This is the place to find that. But please, keep the noise to a minimum, this is a library after all. 😉 Enjoy.

Just for Kids

Clicking Clock by Ken Bowser
The Mystery of the Clicking Clock
The Peeping Pupil
The Might Lever Endeavor
children's educational narration audiobook
STEAM Educational Mystery Book Series
Jessie Steam Mystery Series
Hectare Detector
Vomit Vortex
Being Calm children's meditation audiobook
Children’s Meditation Audiobook
Children's Character Story book
Children’s StoryBook Narration and Character Voices
Duggin the Koala and the The Golden Rule
Morals Book Adventure for Kids
Virtual Reality Book
Virtual Reality Book
Virtual Reality Book
STEM Series Narration
Do Little Children's Book
Children’s Narration
Bully Proof Yourself
Bully Proof Yourself
Pippy and Beth helps children deal with the death of their pet in a kind and healing way.
Pippy and Beth

Health, Nutrition, Recipies / Cookbooks

25 Alkaline Vegan Recipes

Mystery – Thriller – Crime


The Winter Years of Life Poetry

Religion & Spirituality

Religious Christian audiobook  narration
Devine Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny


Duo Narrations Male/Female

Full Cast Narrated Audiobook Productions

Circle of Time by Debra Shively Welch