Book Publishing

An all in one stop authors place for publishing: Print, Kindle, KDP, Amazon, ACX for audiobooks and more! It couldn’t be easier for our writers to get their books listed and into print or audio form.

What Services are Included?

Glad you asked dear author. Take a look….

  1. Cover design and creation for all three types, Your front / back / spine book jacket cover for print, Kindle cover, Audiobook cover. Yes all three need different types of the same design.
  2. 3d version of your cover for marketing. This is where your cover is placed on a cell phone or standing book as in the examples below or see my library. I have created all of those there.
  3. Conversion of your manuscript into proper publishing format to be accepted for publishing. Yes, there is a particular format you Need to follow or your book will be rejected.
  4. Uploading your files to be published via all three forms on Amazon for circulation. I even direct publish your audiobook files, after you approve them of course, as your narrator on Amazons ACX platform.

With all of this available to you publishing and getting your book into circulation in multiple formats couldn’t be easier. This can also be a stand alone service if you only require the book formating and publishing itself instead of an audiobook version.

That being said, an audiobook version of your book is so very popular and helps you reach more fans who would otherwise overlook a print book. These groups are those with reading difficulties or disabilities and people too rushed to have any time to sit and enjoy your good book in a little nook with a nice hot cuppa. **sigh** is there anything better on a rainy day or cold winter’s afternoon?

Contact me today and let’s get you published today!